Seven Secrets to Healthy Lashes

Seven Secrets to Healthy Lashes

Everyone wants long, full, and thick natural lashes. By understanding the science of lash health, these can be within reach, even if you’ve never had them before.

Here’s the ABCs of what you need to know about eyelash health.

By Kris Gucker

The Science Behind Luscious, Come-Hither Lashes

You might not realize that your lashes are both pretty tough and also vulnerable at the same time. These thick hairs have evolved to be the front line of defense to protect your eye from dust and debris. As such, they tend to be thicker and sturdier than the hair on your head, however, they are also “disposable,” meaning that when they become stressed or dirty, they tend to shed and regrow.

There are a number of factors that can lead to a less-than-desirable lash appearance, from genetics to the vitamins and nutrients you consume or apply to direct stress caused by pulling or chemically eroding the lashes. Here are a few key things to avoid as well as some ways to support healthy lashes.

1)    Try to avoid regular use of harsh or waterproof mascaras. These have chemicals that may cause damage to lashes directly, as well as sometimes requiring scrubbing to remove, which also causes stress.

2)    Be careful when wearing false lashes. Since false lashes are glued right on top of your actual lashes, if you rub your eye or in other ways tug at them, it can cause damage to the lash bed resulting in less natural growth.

3)    Try not to use harsh chemicals. If you use strong astringents or other drying chemicals to remove makeup, you may be stressing and drying out your lashes, which can lead to breakage and a thinner look.

4)    Avoid rough cloths for makeup removal. Cotton, microfiber, and disposable rounds can all have rough surfaces that may pull or damage lashes when used to remove eye makeup. Use a soft cloth or tissue instead, and always wipe very gently.

5)    If you get extensions, be sure they’re done right. Eyelash extensions that are not done properly may cause more damage.

6)    Take your vitamins! There are a few key vitamins that are essential to lash health, including Vitamins A, B7, C, D, and E. You can get some of these through food, supplements, sunshine, or applying directly.

7)    Use Rejuran® Advanced Lash Enhancing Booster. This proven formula provides all the above vitamins plus peptides that have been shown to help support healthy lash growth. It also features our proprietary ingredient, c-PDRN®, which has been shown to support cellular health and regeneration overall.

Our clients have found that by following a healthy lash routine, eating well, and using this product, they have been able to achieve their most beautiful lashes yet!

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