Transformative skincare to rewrite your skin’s story

Born after decades of research on skin-healing and anti-aging ingredients, our potent, clinically-tested formulas powered by proprietary c-PDRN® technology are designed to empower you to REclaim your skin story with the optimal results you deserve. Made in the USA, our line of ingredients-focused skincare products is backed by top dermatologists, sold in medspas nationwide, and loved by consumers of every age and every skin type.

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Reignite your skin’s repair process

What sets Rejuran apart is exclusive c-PDRN®, a patented Marine Growth Factor (MGF) that works within the dermis to naturally encourage collagen production, provide superior skin protection, increase cellular turnover, improve the appearance of unevenness and discoloration, and enhance performance of the other active ingredients in your skincare formulations to REstore a healthy, smooth, glowing appearance.

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It's your skin story

Our mission is to help you rewrite it.

We pledge to provide scientifically advanced, clinically studied and tested products made from the best ingredients so you can maximize your skin’s potential. Every Rejuran product is thoughtfully developed to meet your specific skincare needs, because from the very first chapter, it’s your skin story to tell however you want.

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Lab Photo

The science behind the story

Rejuran believes the power of nature backed by science can help return your skin to its healthiest-possible state

It’s our belief that meaningful ingredients are essential components of the best skincare products. Since the beginning, we dedicated ourselves to developing formulas with amazingly effective active ingredients paired with the performance-optimizing collaborative power of c-PDRN®. Our ingredient lists are always transparent, and we’re passionate about avoiding dangerous additives and scary chemicals.

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Clean, organic ingredients Clean, organic ingredients
No artificial dyes or fragrance No artificial dyes or fragrance
No silicones No silicones
No phthalates No phthalates
No sulfates No sulfates
No parabens No parabens

Rejuran is committed to impacting skincare, not the planet

Headquartered in sunny Southern California, we’re serious about protecting the environment. We’re committed to offering clean skincare that’s safe for humans, animals, and the planet. Our products are made in the USA with effective, ethically-sourced ingredients. We use eco-friendly packaging, and we never test on animals. Ever.

It's a skin story rewrite you can feel good about.

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