Self-Care for the Holidays

Self-Care for the Holidays

Consistency is key when it comes to self-care, from skincare to relaxing your mind and body. Let’s take a stress-free look at how to look and feel our best for the holidays.

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Holiday stress and obligations can leave us looking and feeling frazzled. How we feel is so important, so let’s address self-care.

By:  Susie Augustin

Relax Into It
What is your state of relaxation? Is it meditation, yoga, massage, a bubble bath, indulging in a sheet mask or facial? During a stressful week, all of these can feel like a luxury. Remember, there is no wrong way to self-care. Start with deep breaths. This will help relax your mind and body.

What Message is Your Body Telling You?
Living life in overdrive, is that really living life? We’re told to hustle, to go, go, go! Our bodies tense up and we stop listening to it. That prohibits us from slowing down.

Are you listening to your body?

Tired? Take a nap.

Feel sluggish? A walk in nature may be calling your name. This not only helps loosen up your body, it also helps clear your mind (of endless thoughts).

Tense muscles? Treat yourself to a warm Epsom salt bath to ease muscle tension for ultimate relaxation. Or just get lost in luxurious bubbles.

Don’t forget your face! Slather on a moisturizer or face mask to complete this experience.

Pamper Your Skin with a Facial Mask
An add-on or an essential product? Treat yourself to a facial mask once, and you’ll be hooked!

Start by cleansing your face, then massage our Healer Turnover Ampoule into your skin. It’s a luxurious experience! Boost the benefits of this anti-aging serum by layering a mask on top. Facial masks not only calm and hydrate your skin, but can also improve elasticity and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. As you relax and let the mask work its magic, your skin will appear rejuvenated with a more even-looking skin tone and texture.

Sheet mask or cream leave on?

Healer Healing Mask
This concentrated microfiber sheet mask delivers nurturing and soothing actives. It’s the perfect partner if you’ve started using a retinol serum, or if you need to calm skin compromised by treatments. Complexion looks revitalized as skin tone improves, and the look of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced.

Advanced Intensive Scar Treatment Mask
This cream mask improves the overall appearance of acne scars, skin texture and tone, for a healthier-looking complexion. If you have sun damage, are using our scar gel, or want overall improvement in skin radiance, this is the mask for you. For an added bonus, this doubles as an overnight mask, drenching your skin with nourishment.

Clear Your Mind
Nonstop thoughts in your mind? Do you have a running to-do list in there? This can be enough to make you feel crazy. First, write your list down! Not in your phone, but on a piece of paper, and put it in an easy-accessible place. This puts your thoughts in a physical place, so you no longer have to remember to repeat the list in your head. Why are we addressing the mind last? Because the other self-care tips will help with clearing your mind. Relaxing, deep breaths, and taking care of your basic needs – plus some pampering – will help reduce stress this holiday season and improve the way you feel.

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Niacinamide, a Supporting Ingredient Role

Niacinamide, a Supporting Ingredient Role

The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It