Science & Skincare: Why It’s Time To Try Plant Stem Cells

By:  Caroline Hirons

It’s true that bizarre stuff often makes it into our skincare products. Some people swear by bee venom, others advocate animal placenta, and many have tried products containing sheep sebum (lanolin) to fight signs of aging and maintain the look of healthy, glowing skin.

The latest weird-sounding, but totally-not-weird addition to your skincare ingredient list is plant stem cells.

Similar to the regenerating abilities of their human and animal stem cell counterparts, plant stem cells are naturally occurring, self-renewing cells that can develop into any type of specialized plant cell.

Just like humans, plants suffer tissue injuries, and it’s those powerful stem cells that help repair damage and recover from the assault, something critical to proper development, recuperation, and survival.

Bottom line: Plants have a lot to offer your skin.

But, I’m Not a Plant

I hear you, but you don’t have to be a Hibiscus to benefit from plant stem cells. The varieties used in skincare products typically come from plants with very high antioxidant levels which can help fight-off sun damage, discoloration, and premature wrinkles. Using products containing plant stem cells can also help keep your skin looking smooth, healthy, and young by reducing inflammation, improving cell turnover, and promoting new collagen production which can help your skin appear firmer and healthier.

So, while you may not be a plant, you will definitely benefit from what plant stem cells have to offer.

Good Looks That You Can Feel Good About

Keep in mind that growing awareness of where our skincare ingredients come from, plus restrictions on use of animal ingredients in cosmetics, have also inspired interest in plant-based skincare, and it’s a win-win, because there are no ethical concerns, plants are a sustainable source of stem cells, and you still get all those skin-renewing benefits.

If you’re looking for a safe, natural alternative to help prevent premature aging and promote skin renewal, adding a product containing plant stem cells to your routine might be just what the esthetician ordered.