How These 5 Products Can Elevate Your Skincare Routine

How These 5 Products Can Elevate Your Skincare Routine

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To get next-level skincare results, you need products that go further than the average lotion or moisturizer. Our products include proprietary c-PDRN®, a patented Marine Growth Factor that can boost collagen production to improve the look of damaged skin and the appearance of scars. With the science behind these products and c-PDRN® as the backbone of your skincare routine, you can achieve more with less. Explore these five solutions from our company to see how they can revitalize your regimen and your skin.

Work on Your Eye Area Overnight 

Get more out of your beauty sleep! Our Advanced Active Night Repair Eye Cream can revitalize the skin around your eyes using algae extract, vitamin C, and c-PDRN®. This smooth, gentle cream can brighten the appearance of dark circles and smooth fine lines while protecting against free-radical damage. Consider using this product in concert with an anti aging serum for a broader skincare solution.

Renew Skin Appearance with Scar Treatment

If the appearance of burn marks, sun damage, or acne scars is getting in the way, turn to our new Advanced Intensive Scar Treatment Mask. You can get the best results by leaving this on overnight and allowing the blend of allantoin, allium cepa (onion) bulb extract, and c-PDRN® to work with your skin’s natural renewal cycle. This mask can offer improved results over time: lighter-looking scars after just one week, softened appearance of scar depth and texture after two weeks, and a more even appearing skin texture overall after four weeks of regular use. 

Use a Cleanser That Can Hydrate and Condition

Harsh cleansers can be a problem for anyone, and that’s why we just introduced our Calming & Soothing Cleanser for Sensitive Skin. A silky mix of chamomile, aloe vera, and c-PDRN® gently cleanses and refreshes, while pomegranate fruit extract can keep you moisturized. Using this cleanser in the morning and before bed can help you avoid the drawbacks of abrasive chemicals in other cleansers, with results that can leave you feeling refreshed.

Address Dark Spots and Pigment Issues

An effective dark spot serum can make a huge difference in your beauty strategy. With our Advanced Intensive Pigment Corrector, you’ll experience the powerful key active ingredients that make up a proprietary brightening complex gentle enough for sensitive skin. This dark spot diminisher is safe to use on your face, hands, neck, and décolletage, with c-PDRN® that can help prevent over-drying. 

Prepare for Rejuvenation with an Anti Aging Serum

When it comes to visible signs of aging like sagging skin or wrinkles, c-PDRN® can offer focused benefits by stimulating your cells. Our Advanced Anti-Aging c-PDRN® + Retinol Serum is a triple threat that can promote cellular turnover, boost collagen production, and even skin tone. If you’re after smoother, firmer skin with an improved appearance of lines and wrinkles, this retinol serum with c-PDRN® has a lot to offer.