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What is c-PDRN®?

As a specific standards of DNA fraction extracted from salmon by using patented technology, it is a skin improvement activator that transforms damaged or aged skin into young and healthy skin by providing skin elasticity. c-PDRN® rejuvenates the skin healthy to regenerate damaged skin from aging and external environment by improvement of skin wrinkles, elasticity and whitening.

c-PDRN® is a key ingredient of REJURAN® Healer cosmetics and is developed by patented technology, DOT™ (DNA Optimizing Technology).It is purified and manufactured GMP facility where produces medicine and medical device.

c-PDRN® for Skin

PDRN® for Cosmetic

About Pharma Research Products

A biopharmaceutical firm realizing regenerative medicine

Regenerative Science for a Better & Longer Life

REJURAN® Healer Cosmetics is a highly functional cosmeceutical brand created by Pharma Research Products Co., Ltd.  We have integrated our expertise and experience in skin ati-aging and regenerative medicines to benefit the consumer.  Pharma Research Products Co., Ltd. is dedicated to research and develop PDRN which is isolated from the reproductive organs of wild Korean salmon.  Our regenerative medicine, medical devices and cosmetics are based on PDRN® and have been proven in their efficacy and safety via several scientific articles.

Using Pharma Research Products’ patented technology, PDRN® is an ingredient for medicine while c-PDRN® has been developed for use in cosmetics.  By continuously expanding the scope of R&D, we aim to improve the quality of life and contribute to life’s prolongation.