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Rejuvenation with c-PDRN®

Formulated with dermatologist grade formulas, each product uses nature's best ingredients to create a superior skin care experience. Optimized c-PDRN® formulation (complex) using USDA certified organic ingredients is based on own know-how of DrJ SkinClinic, a professional organic cosmetics company in the U.S.

REJURAN® Healer Turnover Ampoule helps regain healthy and beautiful skin by maintaining turnover cycle with c-PDRN®.

What is REJURAN Healer?

c-PDRN® + Organic Ingredients

About DrJ SkinClinic

Satisfaction & Proven Dermatology

Effective & Natural Ingredients

DrJSkinClinic has operated since 2001, formulating and crafting effective skin care products for all skin types and conditions. Masterfully formulated to be safe while using effective plant-based ingredients,

DrJSkinClinic’s full range of skincare is targeted towards anyone seeking effective, non-toxic skin care. Based in Southern California,
we strive to create innovative products that encompass our company’s ethics of eco-friendly packaging, cruelty-free production and ethical sourcing.