Erase Crow’s Feet NOW

Because Eye Wrinkles Are for the Birds

Crow’s feet…they’re sneaky. They creep up at the corners of your eyes, little lines branching out like the foot of a bird.

What Are Crow’ Feet?

Crow’s feet are the first wrinkles that develop on our faces, sometimes as early as our twenties. When you smile or squint, the thin, delicate skin around your eye area crinkles naturally, but over time, these repeated movements turn into
permanent wrinkles.

What Causes Crow’s Feet?

When we’re young, collagen and elastin in our skin keeps it plump and smooth, but due to any combination of age, environment, sun exposure, lifestyle, and heredity, collagen and elastin break down, and those little lines become deeper and more noticeable.

The reasons for crows feet

Prevent Crow’s Feet Before They Happen!

  1. Invest in Retinol
    This ingredient, a favorite of dermatologists, is believed to help boost collagen production which helps your skin retain elasticity and keep crow’s feet at bay.

  2. Use Sunscreen
    Not only will you minimize your risk of skin cancer, you’ll also help prevent the breakdown of collagen that leads to premature wrinkles.

  3. Skip the Salt
    Excess salt causes your body to retain water, including around your eyes. This puffiness exacerbates the appearance of crow’s feet.

  4. Moisturize & Protect
    Seal moisture into the delicate skin around your eyes AM & PM with a good quality cream or moisturizer to minimize the look of lines & wrinkles.

  5. Go to Bed
    While we’re at rest, our bodies repair damage, including damage to skin. On top of that, a good night’s sleep can help de-puff your under-eye area and minimize dark circles.