6 Ways to Get Glowing Skin from Your Skincare Rituals

6 Ways to Get Glowing Skin from Your Skincare Rituals

Dreaming of a glowing complexion? The best way to get dewy, healthy-looking skin is to be diligent with your skincare rituals. Get started by creating new, healthy skin habits that you can dedicate a few minutes a day to. 

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One step at a time, making your skincare ritual a priority will help you get the glowing complexion you love, while developing healthy skin habits for years to come.

Targeted Skincare Concerns
We’ve all heard it a hundred times – cleanse and moisturize your face daily. These are just the basics, for a maintenance protocol. But what about preventing or treating specific skin concerns or conditions? There are different preventative and treatment products with effective ingredients for these. For instance, if you suffer from acne or scarring, an ideal place to start is with Advanced Intensive Pigment Corrector with AHAs for hyperpigmentation, to even out your complexion.

Science in Skincare
Safe and effective, high-quality products can lead to high-quality results. With scientific and skincare advancements, there is so much to get excited about. You’ll want to start with products that help your skin regenerate cells for fresh and youthful-looking skin. Some of the best products in the market utilize marine growth factors for this. This is especially beneficial when using retinol products or Advanced Scar Gel, as our proprietary marine growth factor c-PDRN® helps promote cell regeneration and soothe skin from aggressive ingredients. 

Apply Serums, Oils & Masks to Damp Skin
For ultimate product absorption, don’t completely dry your face after cleansing. Gently pat dry and apply serum, oils and masks to damp skin, as damp skin is easier to penetrate than dry skin. This allows your skin to lock in moisture and hydration. A hydrated skin is a healthy-looking skin. However, you’ll want to apply anti-aging products with AHAs or retinol to completely dry skin to avoid irritation. 

Quality Sleep for Skin Rejuvenation
The quality of your sleep can affect your complexion in positive and negative ways. Cell regeneration happens while you sleep, to renew and repair skin. Using products with effective ingredients help replenish skin and prevent transepidermal water loss, such as Advanced Face & Neck Firming Cream with hyaluronic acid, for ultimate skin health. The bottom line, get your beauty sleep for a positive reflection on your complexion.

Hydration from the Inside Out
Stay hydrated! This is an essential habit you’ll want to partake in for age prevention, helping your skin get the moisture it needs from the inside out, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dehydration can contribute to dry skin, a dull complexion, and even acne. Staying hydrated will benefit your skin, as this allows the active ingredients in skincare products to deliver the promised benefits. Healer Turnover Ampoule helps improve the appearance of skin’s tone, texture and radiance.

A Night and Day Difference Between Products
Your skincare products and routines should vary from night to day. Your nighttime skincare ritual should focus on hydration and repair. To help with cell turnover at night, apply Advanced Anti-Aging Retinol + c-PDRN® Serum at bedtime. Upon waking, hydrate and apply products with ingredients that offer skin protection for your daytime routine. Getting the most out of your skincare rituals for a glowing complexion starts with simple and easy habits.

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